“you’re blog is boring”

What makes a blog entry interesting? I know for me that I either want to laugh or be informed. That is probably why my blog roll has that odd mix that doesn’t see to be related to graphic design. But it is. Just as writers need to know what is going on in pop culture so do grphic designers. This is why I don’ t hang out in strictly graphic design blogs. I do go sometimes but don’t go back. The sites are boring to me.

Now, of course , I have been told my blog is boring, and it may be, but I do try to write about all the things that one needs to know as a graphic designer. And people have at least looked at my blog because of some of the topics I have written about.

My daughter has it easy. She just has to find the humor in situtions and draw a cartoon about them.

Me, I try to find the things that I need to know to do my job. And the thing I have been focusing on, of late, is the itouch because it allows me to blog remotely

I don’t know if doing so is going to make my blog more interesting, but it will be easier to post.

Plus, I think I am getting better at writing these things on the itouch.

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