Yahoo trying to block phishing

I read, the other day, that Yahoo is going to start blocking phishing  when phishers are pretending to be from eBay or PayPal. They are only going to do it for those who use Yahoo mail (which part of my mail comes from, I have several different accounts), but at least it is a start. But then I started thinking, how the heck are they going to do it at all. The story I read was just a brief so didn’t’ go into details, and that was what I wanted.

So, just for you, (and for me too), I decided to delve deeper. Apparently, according to this Reuter’s article, they are going to do it with something called "DomainKeys" which will show where the emails are coming from, so Yahoo can block them.

But don’t all emails have that? I know that Eudora can spot Phising simply by looking at the real url in the email. Why is this new? Because Yahoo will do it all for you, and you won’t have to even see it.

Which is fine with me. There is enough phishing going around. Now if they would do more and spread it to all emails, not just Yahoo ones.

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