Yahoo Shine, and I ask, ain’t I am woman?

There was big hoopla on Monday as Yahoo launched it’s new destination site, Shine. It sounded like a promising site, a sort of Salon place to go, but what was the first thing that greated me when I checked it out. Hollywood celberty interviews, fashion…all the stuff that one finds in those "women’s " magazines. It thought it would be hipper. After all, it was supposed to be aimed at women between 25-54 years old, and I am still in that age range and I’m certainly a woman, last time I checked. Nothing, and I mean nothing on the page appealed to me. Today, as I wrote this, the headline at the top of the page is "Fancy lingerie you can actually afford". Are there women out there, in my age range, who actually care about this? I guess it makes sense, the sort of content that is there, since the editor-in-cheif is from Elle and Jane, two magazines I wouldn’t pick, even if the alternative was Golf Digest.

I suppose Yahoo doesn’t really care, and feels that creating a site about chatter is just fine. But here is what I read, as a woman, as a human, on a daily basis:

There are a few more that I read, but not every day.

The article in the Mercury News said that this is supposed to be competeing with such sites as BlogHer and Sugar. I tried reading some of the sites that Sugar put out, but found it wasn’t talking to me, so stopped.

One of the sites that the article mentioned as The Women on the Web, which, at first glance, actually looks as though it might be interesting. Still light and fluffy, but interesting light and fluffy.

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