Yahoo makes it so txt-messages don’t have to be all thumbs

I can’t find the article I read earlier on this, announcing the changes that Yahoo made to its web-email service, but the best summing up I read was that people could sent text messages to phones, while still on the computer. That would appeal to me, if I had someone who I text-messaged to, as opposed to IM, or email.

Still, this should appeal to those of us who were born too late to learn to type with our thumb, in truncated English. I have never felt so left out of a technology as I have over SMS texting. What is intersting, is one reviewer though that this new feature wasn’t for the SMS disabled, but for those who were very much into, but  had access to a computer. Sounds counter intuitive, really.

The other thing that the newer version does, that Google mail already does, it put the Instant Messaging inside the site. This helps if the company you are working at doesn’t allow IM for security reasons.

One analysis said that Yahoo is building it this way to make it a more social place to go. They want to compete with FaceBook and YouTube.

Me? I use yahoo mail as a POP account, and when I’m traveling. It is not my main account. But, I don’t think I am the target audience, anyway. Email is email to me. It is the means to the end. I don’t go to it so I can chat with friends.

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