Yahoo and Microsoft join forces to defeat Google

OK, this is all over the news, right now, and the only thing I can think of is how Yahoo gave Google it’s start by doing the same thing. What Microsoft is going to do is provide the search engine that powers Yahoo. There will be a little note at the top saying “Powered by Bing“. Not so long ago, they used Google the same way. Remember when Yahoo was the major search engine, and there was a “powered by google” at the top. And a lot of us said, “hey, why are we using yahoo, when the engine is Google, why not just go to Google”, and we did, en mass.

I’m sure that is what Microsoft has in mind. People will notice the powered by bing, and say, why are we using Yahoo when we could be using Bing directly, and they will go to Bing from Yahoo.

Only trouble with this, is, that they are only defeating Yahoo this way, not Google. So the game plan is not quite as good a plan as it sounds.

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