Writing with passion

Chris Finnie, whom I have mentioned in thses posts before, has a passion. Some people collect stamps, some people read Manga, some people like to cook. Chris likes to be political She can argue the current events better than most people, knows her local politicians by name, not just who they are, but knows them as well.

So it seemed logical, that last year she tried to start a side business for her political writing: Your Winning Words. During the last campaign season, she had three different candidates she was wiritng for, either their blogs, or their press releases, or their websites.

So it seemed logical that the next step would be to write her own blog. She kept humming an hawing about it. Not sure if she had enough to say on a daily or weekly basis. And perhaps she won’t but at least now she has started her blog.

Check it out. This is what grass roots is all about.

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