Writing off iPhone Apps for business expenses, and other thoughts on designing for the iPhone

Now that I am designing graphics for iPhone apps, I get to write off the expense of buying rival apps to see what they look like. At first I felt, oh, I don’t have to buy them to look at them, but as I try to hone down the images for my latest project, I realize that I need to see what others are doing.

So, I went and purchased some iPhone apps, and have been studying them, and using them. They really are, when done right, quite nice.

The interesting thing about iPhone apps, is, that they are quite small, but even when they are 57×57 they have to convey what they are about. They have to be recognizable, an icon. It is rather like doing a really go logo, and making sure that it can be any size you want. That is the whole goal of a logo, to make sure that it works anywhere, in any size, in any application. This is the same goal I am trying to reach with the iPhone icons. Make them look good in 57×57 and also make them look good in 512×512. Sounds easy, but it is not.

I was going the way I usually go, which is to create it large and downsize it, but this time, I am making it small and then upsizing it. Because I am doing this in Illustrator, I can do that without loss of sharpness.

In the meantime, I’ve got to go buy some more apps…for research, of course.

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