Writing iPhone apps in your spare time

What does one do for a hobby? Most hobbies cost money. You have to buy something, even if it is only swimming, goggles, flippers, swimsuit. I do knitting in my spare time, and that can get quite costly.

My brother, who has a PhD in physics, and is one of the most brilliant people I know, has decided that one of the things he is going to do with his spare time is write iPhone apps. Yes, there is an investment in doing that too, but most of it is time.

He has decided that since he is a programmer, which he is, and that code is code, which it is, all he has to do is is learn to write code for the iPhone apps store, and he can have passive income coming his way, and thus, that is what he has done.

He has named his company, or at least the company for this first product he has made, Aerende, which he said was a Middle English word for message or errand. I have helped him create his website, so he can show off his apps. His website comes up first when you search for it on google, as well as about the first few links. You can find it by power searching in ITunes, or going to Apptism, which also lets you find apps.Picture 5

Who would have known that the iPhone could sprout a cottage industry, but then, we could say the same thing about eBay, or any other system that allows you to sell your wares around the world.

And I do mean around the world. When he launched his first app he found he was selling to people from Singapore to the UK.

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