Write what you are passionate about

One of the things I hear over and over again is to write what you are passionate about. This seems rather odd, on reflection. Isn’t the whole point of a blog to write about what people what to read about? It sounds so much like the saying “do what you love, the money will follow”.  Should we all be writing about what we want to, and somehow we will magically get readers to read us?

And yet, in studying successful blogs, I have found that most people started out writing for fun, for the fun of friends they knew, for the heck of it. They did not start out with a passion to rule the world of the web, just to have fun with what they did.

And I have been mulling this over for a while. This blog is for business, to talk about my business and things that relate to it, but fun? No, I can’t say this blog is fun. Passionate? I can’t say that I am passionate about writing this, though I do enjoy getting things off my chest from time to time.

So, I have started another blog, about something I am passionate about, which is cooking.  We shall see what happens with it. I have done no design, yet, to the look and feel, as I am concentrating on the content.

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