Working with other professionals

I was chatting with a client of mine, whom I have worked with for over 20 years. We have worked together on project, and I have sub-contracted for him at the various companies that he has worked at. He is very much a professional and having worked int he business as long as he has, he will hand me projects that are at the right state for me to work on them. The text will all be there, the design will be suggested, if nothing else, and all the photos will be provided. It makes doing my job so much easier, and I was thanking him for it.

This is in contrast to a client that I had to work on this past week who basically handed me the soggy remains of a word document and hoped I could somehow make it beautiful and special, which I did. I even met her deadline. But, getting something that isn’t ready to be laid-out makes my job that much longer.

Now, sometimes, this wouldn’t make any difference. I often pull of beautiful things out of slop. But working with both clients just makes the contrast more significant.

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