Working with a Monastery, or how low tech can you go?

About two years ago I was offered a job working with a Monastery, to build them a website. They were the nuns of St. Clares, and I thought, sure, why not. What would be the problem with that? They had a computer. They said they had internet access. I figured I could get their website up and running, and everyone would be happy.

But their monastery was about an hour and half away, and they didn’t have anything except a slow dial up modem at first, and I had to explain everything, and…needless to say, it didn’t work out. What did I learn from it? Not to take for granted the power of the internet. There are certain things, such as a website, that the client needs internet access and email, that without that, it is just too hard to do.

So, I recently got a job with a what used to be known as an "old-folks-home". This person also didn’t have internet access (or not very much of it), but the good thing is he wanted a printed piece. Printed things could be printed out and sent in the mail. I was so used to emailing a pdf, that I was a little taken aback at the thought of having to mock up a brochure, but i did so, and mailed it off.

I guess my client hadn’t ever gotten a mock-up, because he was so surprised that he praised the brochure to everyone, and told me there were very few changes (a word here and there), and he was amazed at how well I read his mind.

Which gets me to the theme of tomorrow’s blog. Why it is good to invest in a good color printer. Because even low tech needs a little high tech.

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