Working Moms

I don't normally talk about my clients here, much less promote them by linking to them, but this is a little different, and I'm really going to write about what I noticed more than their site itself.

First, although I have a daughter, and I have a job, I have never thought of myself as a "working mom". I guess I just think of myself as someone who works, and who also has a kid. It isn't my identity. Heck, when I went back to work, after having my daughter, I was asked how the baby was and I asked who they were talking about. Now, granted, I had been on sleep deprivation since she was born, but that is another story.

So, I was surprised, when working with Laura Lowell on her redesign of her 42 Rules site, at how many places she was going to promote the newest title "42 Rules for Working Moms"  She kept telling me, while I was working on the site design, that this had to be up by a certain time, because of all the web sites and promotions she was doing. So far, she has had me put up links to Mommy Track'd and to Cool Mom Picks, and just the other day, she was putting up an ad on White Trash Mom.

Who knew? Who knew so many women were blogging about being working moms, and that other women, and I suppose men, were reading these blogs and commenting on them. What an amazing sub-genre, a sub-genre that I haven't looked at, because I never felt part of. The advice is good, however, and quite interesting to view the perspective of these women.

There are all these tight little communites out there. If, oh, if, we could all join together in one big community and do something big.

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