Working hours

I was working until 4am the other day (I don’t do it that much any more, as I get older, but sometimes I do have to meet deadlines), and I noticed people emailing me with requests up until about 1 am. They were surprised when I replied to their requests. In fact, I wrote back and forth to one client, who works out of her home office, and she said she is so happy she can shape her own hours.

What i have noticed is that there are three shifts of clients. There is the, what I would call, just before work shift. I run into that about 6:30-7:30 am. Then there is a lull until about 8:30 am when people start to drift into work. The workday appears to be from about 8:30 am-6pm, with about an hour or so from noon-1:30 when everyone takes lunch (and I sometimes sneak in a short cat-nap). Then there is a break until about 7:30 pm, when people come back online (after going home I suppose and eating) and I will receive emails up until 10 pm, after which it dies down.

So, if this is all the way we all work, when do people see their loved ones and kids? Or do they not?

Are we working all hours and not having any life at all?

No wonder I felt so lost when I was without power for 2 and a half days.

I had to live a life.

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