Working at the beach, or in your own house

As I have said in the past, I love the San Jose Mercury News Business section. In yesterday’s paper, Dean Takahashi had a article about being able to work at the bet the beach, if one had the right equipment.

I don’t intend to work at the beach, anytime soon, but after loosing power the other day, as I mentioned on Saturday, I started reading down the list of equipment that he had to haul around in order to do so. It would be so handy to be able to continue to work when the power goes out. If I didn’t live so much in the woods (well, in a wooded area), I would have gotten solar power so I wouldn’t’ have this problem.

What was interesting was that he said the sad was the major problem, as well as not being able to go to the bathroom at the beach, without having to haul everything with him. These are both problems I wouldn’t have to face, if I set up the same sort of office in my home.

My neighbor, down the road, has already gotten some of the stuff that Dean wrote about, namely a battery back-up, and a cell phone modem, which she has said has been invaluable for traveling, because her mother, for example, does not have internet access, imagine that.

My brother, who visits my mom every year, solved that problem by having her get DSL. He is also the brother that made her get a fax machine, computer, and copy machine. If my mother decided to ever go back to work, she would be all set. Not sure what she would be set to do, but she would have no trouble connecting to the world.

A client of mine, also go the cell phone modem for her lap top, and loved to tell me, while she was on vacation, where she was emailing me from. I’m now in the desert, she wrote, and my husband is driving while I surf the web. A colleague of mine went on a cruse recently and was so glad because the ship had WiFi. She IMed me while she was on vacation, because she was working late (or early by her time), and was so pleased that she could. Not much of vacation.

Dean didn’t make it clear why he was at the beach, other to say that he was doing an experiment. I hope he wasn’t on vacation, because he ends the story saying that his family showed up and he was able to take a break from his computer and take a dip in the water.

I have taken my lap top on vacation, and I have left it at home, and it is much more fun to leave it at home.

But then, I tend to go to relatives houses that have computers in them, so I can check my email.

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