Working around lack of power

There was a huge storm that went through Northern California on Monday the 27th of Feb, and left half a million people without power, I being one of them. Normally when we lose power, we get it back by the next morning. However, because we were just one of many, we didn’t get power back on right away, and soon the battery on my laptop died, and I went out in search of power, like a drug addict in search of her next fix.

Luckily, there is a local Internet Cafe in Town, Rainbow’s End, which as WiFi service from a company called MetroFreeFi. They also provide the service for other places I was thinking of going to that day, including Coffee Nine, Coffee Cat and Abouche. In fact, if I had had power yesterday, I could have searched MetroFreeFi and learned there were many more places In fact, in Santa Cruz, the largest big city near by, there is a whole page of places, places that I have been too, and not had my laptop with me, so didn’t even realize there was WiFi wandering around the place. Just about every coffee place, it appears, has this these days, or else, I suppose, they don’t get business.

It makes me glad I got WiFi added to my laptop, even though I only need it when I travel, or the power goes out. I had it added last summer when I was going to England, and wanted to use it in hotspots over there. But, there weren’t any hot spots in Cornwall, which is considered the boonies, and so while I was there I ended up using the hotel’s computer to get and receive email. And the hotel I used in London had the Internet cabled into every room, so I didn’t need to use it there either.

I had an older Mac Laptop, and so had to use a company down in L.A. , called strangely enough, the L.A. Computer Company, that sold WiFi for older Macs. It came in very useful yesterday, as another friend, who also live in Boulder Creek, and also came to Rainbow’s End to work, on her laptop, doesn’t have WiFi, because she hasn’t invested in it. She did, however, has a USB drive, and so kept borrowing my computer to send files and download files.

A fun time was had by all, but it is good to be back on my regular computer.



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