Working after a holiday

One of the problems of being a freelancer is that, unless there is a deadline breathing down your neck, you work at your own pace, and there is nothing that throws a pace off like a holiday. Usually holidays don’t effect me all that much. I often have work I need to do while everyone has the day off, and I am happy to have the break from having to deal with day to day things that happen when cleints are in their offices.

But long holidays, such as Thanksgiving, are different. People just don’t take Thursday off. They take Wednesday through Sunday off. I find that I am not just left with one day of slow to no active work, but almost a whole week. I had work to do, but not a lot, so I spent my time with my family knitting. I knitted a pair of socks.

The knitting back is beside my computer right now, and I am tempted, though I have a design job looming over me, to take up and knit another pair.

What I am saying it, it is hard to get back into the grove of work. This happens when I’m slow and go back to being very  busy too, but then it is a rush. But somehow, when the air is cold, and the days are short, it is harder to get up and work to get my work done.

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