WordPress, so many choices for design

Now that my daughter has a blog and several of my clients are asking me to set up their wordrpess blogs, I am amazed to find how many designs there are out there. I guess I find this odd, because coming from the world of website design, as opposed to blog design, I find it odd to use a template. I am used to creating from scratch, instead of taking a foundation and upgrading and mucking about with it.

On the other hand, it is interesting to see what people have come up with. Some are amazingly creative, and I have found a few that I want to take and make my own, so to speak, but it is still odd to work that way, look for a design that is close to what I want and modify it.

I suppose the answer is to design my own, but with so many good designs out there, i find that I would be doing the work that others have done before me, which comes out as a bit of a waste of time.

So, back to the WordPress themes I will go, looking for that perfect blog template to show off my clients house building. Once I have it just as I want it, I’ll put up a link. For now, let’s just say it hasn’t found its right shell.

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