Will we no longer get lost with Google Maps?

I was very pleased to read in the Mercury News yesterday, that  Google was going to let users edit their maps. The first thing I thought of, it’s about time. There are so many people who have gotten lost getting to one of my friend’s house, because they put a road through a neighbors yard.

But alas, the changes that Google is going to allow will only be minor. You can move things a few hundred yards, but not much further. That will help a little but what we really need is one where we can show what roads are actually there, or are locked, or whatever. I got directions the other day to a restaurant at a country club that failed to mention that the road that Google sent me to was a locked one, for members only, and so I had to go around to the other side, in the pouring rain, and dark of night.

So, thank you Google. This is one step in the right direction at least.

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