Will Eisner’s Passing

Will Eisner has left the building. Eisner created the Spirit, as well as graphic novels in general, with his publication of "Contract with God".  He has one more book coming out, posthumously.  In one article I read, his wife said there would be no funeral, but to donate to the American Cancer Society or to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Neil Gaiman has probably written the words better about how devastating this loss is, but I’ll try in my own words.

All that was good about cartoon and comic art could be found in Will Eisner’s works. I remember trying so hard, in the 70′s, to find issues of  "The Spirit" which were just being reprinted. I remember reading the stories piece by piece, savoring each story and each bit of art. The good news was that he continued writing, long after he finished with The Spirit. He wrote graphic novels, starting with "Contract with God" and joy of joys, DC has been publishing every single Spirit ever produced in hard bound form.

Will Eisner was what you strove to be like. If I had ended up being an cartoonist, which I had hoped to be when I grew up, I wanted to be just like Will.

So sad to see him go.

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