WIFI incription so good it almost kept me out of my own network

I didn’t see a use for WIFI when I first got DSL. At the time I was just happy to not have isdn. So when Sam, my network guru asked which computers I wanted set up for WIFI I said only one. I didn’t think why I would ever want to take my lap top into another room, much less outside. Sam tried to explain the joys of remote computing, but at the time it was so my partner could work in her office upstairs.

And that might have been the end of it. Sam decieded to create a password no one could break, made up of radom numbers and letters that went on for a long time. He wrote the code out for me and I put it in what I thought was a good place, but then lost it. I wasn’t worried. I figured I would never need it again. But, as I said yesterday, I got an itouch and that runs on WIFI.

Sufice it to say, I did not break the code. Instead I discovered where it was written down by linking to the router and reading the settings. The hard part was typing out the string with no mistakes. I thought I had done it right several times and tried to connect with no luck. Finally I got it right and so this is the second entry I have made from my itouch. I can see how addictve mobile devices can be. If I were to do it again I would STOL have had Sam do that string, but I think I would have made extra copies of the password.

What amazes me as I wonder around with the itouch is how many people don’t encropt thier WIFI.

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