Why won’t my picture show up in Facebook?

Well, I would love to show you pictures about how this is done ,but this is the link to the facebook developers page, where you can check and see how the Facebook is seeing your page, when you get ready to post it on facebook, so you can share it with all your friends.  If you go here, when the image doesn’t show up in facebook, or whatever the problem is, you can get a clue as to what Facebook is having trouble with.  It may not solve all your problems, but it will at least give you a starting place.

I tried an experiment and used it on my about page. I can clearly see my photo, so I k now that if I tried this in facebook, that would not be an issue.

However, other issues, it does not solve, such as why it can’t see a photo that is clearly there.  But at least with this device, you can see that it can’t see it before you even try posting.

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