Why we can’t be alone with our thoughts.

I read an article, don’t recall if it was in Punch or in the New Yorker, where the writer was wondering why people needed to do things when they were on a plane. He said he was content to just be alone with their thoughts, instead of buying books simply to read on the airplanes, or bringing a laptop, or something to do. At the time, I disagreed with him. I always have to do something, not necessarily be entertained. But I guess I’m getting to be an old curmudgeon, because some of the new things out there just seem to new fangled to me.

A colleague of mine has just joined a company that delivers television to cell phones. I was chatting with her about it last night. She said critics say people aren’t going to watch movies on it and she said, no, what people do is either watch the Cartoon Network, or they watch the news. Apparently, the reason they are watching the cartoon network is to give their kids something to do while they are waiting in line, or things like that. I guess kids don’t like to be left alone with their thoughts, or perhaps, knowing kids, they would drive their parents crazy otherwise.

So just thing, soon you could be standing in line, and instead of chatting with the people around you, you could be hearing them listening to the news or whatever on their cell. That is if they aren’t plugged into their iPod.

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