Why Stuffit still matters, for Macs, despite OS X

The other day on of my colleagues called me about a weird problem. She was using the "create archieve" features that came with System 10 on the Mac. She was assured that it would make zip files, and she wouldn’t have to install Stuffit, which she had used in the past. However, when she sent files the she zipped to PC users, they noticed two files where there should have only been one. Her client was getting frustrated, so she turned to me to see what I could find out.

Turns out that Stuffit was good for something after all. Despite the fact that OS X comes with a zip making program built into it, it works well only for the Mac world. If you send said file to PC users, they see two items inside each file. One, the correct file, and one an echo of the other.

I have seen so many articles written about how we don’t need Stuffit anymore, because of the OS X feature, yet I have not seen any that give the reason why we need it still. When I was researching this in December, when I only had my lap top, all the articles aid, oh, don’t bother to download or buy a compression program, if you are OS X. So, while that is partially true, I want to point out, in the world where one has to work with others, meaning others who have PCs, it is good to keep Stuffit around.

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