Why I love BackupBuddy

Just wanted to relate a story on why I love BackUpBuddy.  I have now had the plugin save my life twice.  The part I really like is that if you download a complete backup, you can restore the complete backup, anywhere.  It allows you to really port a site to a new location, and have it set up just the way you left it in the old site, even down the user names and login details.  It is a bit of a pain that the file takes about 10 minutes to download, and then another 10 minutes to upload at the new location, but hey, go and make yourself a cup of tea, and have a snack.  You don’t have to stare at it downloading all day.

Recently, I had to restore a site, that was having problems, so I grabbed the backup and ported it to the new location, and showed it off to my client.  She was thrilled, and I did the final step, which is to remove all the extra files that Backup buddy puts in while it is restoring the site.

Half an hour later she called to tell me that she had accidentlaly erased all her blog posts.

I said, don’t panic, we will just go through the whole process again, and so I did, and restored the site again.  I waited, this time, beofre doing step 6, until I was sure that she was fine with everything, and wasn’t going to erase anything.

So, thank you BackUp Buddy.  You are now a standard install on all my client sites, along with Yoast’s SEO and Google Analytics.


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