Why do they keep saying email is dying?

I keep reading about how, with the Millennial generation coming up, that email will be dead soon, as dead as the letter post, that goes through snail mail. This is because the Millennial generation uses text messages and instant messaging.

Well, I could understand how faxing could go out of fashion, and I could even understand how blogging could go the way of the penny farthing bicycle, but email?

I’ve had this discussion with others whose live revolves around email. The problem with not using email, and only using IM is that although you can get a lot done with just IM (and I do with some of the younger clients I have), but it is hard to send large files that way, and it is a bit hard to give super detail that you can in email.

But if they are all saying email will die as a way to chat with people the way that we all used to do on the phone, then yes, email is too slow, and it will not be used to that any more. My daughter, as a example, only emails people who are in different time zones, and thus would have a hard time with an IM chat. (Of course that doesn’t stop me. I just figure out when they will be awake, and try it then. I have a friend in New Zealand who gets up at 5am so she can IM people on the west coast at our time of 10 am.

Dvorak says, in an article as old as 2004, that spam is killing of email. Amazing that they have been talking about it that long. In a more recent story in Information Week, they say that it is all an exaggeration. Because email is used by everyone older than 25, Martin, who wrote the article, is saying that the younger generation will have to adapt to the older one.

I have a feeling it will be a little of both. I have a feeling things will continue to change.

And perhaps one day I will get rid of my fax machine, which, for the most part, gets mostly junk fax anyway.

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