Why Caller ID is Improtant in Business

When caller ID first came out, I was very much against it. I felt it was an invasion or privacy and refused to have my phone number released, as did my mother, and so, I thought, many people who were concerned about having their phone number, gasp, know by the person they were calling.

Well, should I say times have changed? Do we still care? I mean, 800 numbers automatically know who is calling. You can’t hide that. And…why was it were were hidng our numbers in the first place? What does it matter? This is not to say I have stopped blocking my number, just routinely, but more and more of my friends tarted blocking calls to blocked numbers, so I had to reveal it if I wanted to  talk to them, and I did.

The kicker, though, was when I found the clients weren’t answering the phone unless my number was displayed. At first, I didn’t understand that, but when one told me this, point blank, I started to *82 my number for them as well. (*82 unlocks your number).

It wasn’t until I got caller ID that I really understood. I was amazed. If i wanted to, I could answer the phone and know who was talking to. Of course, you don’t let this on. It is weird, but nice at the same time. I can tell that it is my daughter, or someone annoying, or a solicitation that I can let go to voice mail. I finally knew why people didn’t want to answer unknown or private or restricted numbers.

It is an amazing word out there, and we all know who is calling, for the most part.

And how to I feel about the invasion of privacy? I hate to say it doesn’t really matter so much anymore. If I am calling someone  i know, I reveal my number. If I am calling someone else, I do not.

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