Why Adobe CS 2 Won’t Work on my G5

Although I have been warned, I went ahead and bout the new Adobe CS 2 upgrade right away. I like having new things. I also bought the new Apple OS X.4 (Tiger) so that I could have that too. I’m still running 10.2.8 and though it would be nice to have the upgrades. But, I wanted CS2, before I wanted tiger, so I tried to install it. It told me I didn’t have enough memory. An hour and a half later and several follow up calls, and now all I know from Adobe is that it won’t work with what I have. I can’t install CS2 with a G5 and OS 10.2.8, even though I should be able to. The only problem is that Dreamweaver has problems with OS X10.4. If I didn’t use it all the time, it wouldn’t be an issue.

So, the help person from Adobe suggested that I just upgrade. Great. So, I can either have Deramweaver work just time, and have the old software, or upgrade and be sent into problems witih Dreamweaver. One report said the problems weren’t too bad, but any problems are bad. Why should this be all just cobbled together. Isn’t the Mac supposed to just work?

Ah well, I know if I wait long enough they will come ukp with an upgrade to OS 10.4 and they have, but it doesn’t solve my problems.

Ah well, stay tuned to what I do with all this.

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