Whois Database, how public do we want to be?

Have you used Whois? I’m sure you have, if only to find who owns a particular domain that you are either interested in buying, or wish you had bought, or are now working with someone who wants to know about the owners. IT is kind of cool.

The problem is, of course, is that this puts your information out there, if you happen to own a domain. It gives spammers addresses, and information that you don’t really want to give out. And, according to a recent Associated Press article, people are thinking about doing away with WhoIs as it exists today. This probalby won’t happen, but that people are thinking about it shows that there are concerns about the privacy issue.

GoDaddy offers a sort of cover, that if you pay extra, they can hide who you are from the WhoIs database. I’m not sure how they do this, perhaps they only list themselves, but I’m sure more and more people are willing to pay extra to be hidden from view.

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