Who should pay for misspellings?

I saw this

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  • Bill Wrigley, mural artist Says:

    To paraphrase, Ms. Alquilar is trying to convey this.
    “In art, spelling is not that important. If you were an artist, you’d see..” or in this case “…not see (the mistakes)”
    Well my oh my, aren’t we embarrassed.
    Hiding behind the aura of being an “arteest”, what I infer is this…
    “I can’t edit my spelling nor care to, I won’t admit my mistake and be big about it by affecting repairs.”
    And after reprimands from everywhere…
    “I’m entitled to my hurt feelings and therefore be delinquent to my client on principal of artistic integrity.”
    Asking for $6000.00 more to repair the work that she can’t admit to making in the first place, that’s embarrassing to mural artists everywhere and just plain unprofessional.
    Certainly at $40,000.00, the client has long since earned that right and privilege to feel satisfied with the final outcome of the artwork that they purchased in good faith. That’s America.

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