Where do you go for inspiration?

So, what inspires you?

This is an odd question when you consider that some magazines that I read look like crap on the web, yet have great print presence The first one that I thought of to look up on the web is How Magazine. This is a great print magazine that give tips and hints and has great reading, and sometimes Rick Tharp, a local celebrity, writes some amazing articles for it. Yet on the web, you would never know that it was anything that great. :(

Another great print publication is “Communications Arts“, but I don’t see that inspiration here on the website. I suppose they had to have a reason for buying the magazine.

I like what Before and After does to wet you appetite for their magazine. I have been subscribing to this one for years, and love it. This magazine is short and to the point, but some of the info it gives are so helpful, I find I have save the issues long after they came out.

Notice all of these are print, and mostly for print design. But I am also inspired by other publications, books really. My two favorite book authors for design are Robin Williams and Lynda Wyman.

Lynda co-authors now, but her earlier work was so down to earth and easy to read that everyone quoted her. She was very accessible and funny. And I do like her inspiration sites, though some no longer look the way they did when she developed the page.

For inspirational sites, I love the one that Veer puts out. What’s fun is, these are added to on a daily basis. The founders of Veer were originally another company, Eyewire, which got purchased by Getty Images, who was purchasing everyone, so that all photo clip art looks exactly alike. Beck. This is another reason that I like Veer. It isn’t the same as all the crap that Getty puts out. If I have to see that woman, you know the one, the one that is on every small budget ad out there, I think I will scream. You can run, but you can’t hide from bad stock photography.

Some day I will do what I keep wanting to do, and site all the ads that run the same damn pictures. There is one in particular, whom I call Madge, who I see all over the place.

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