When work is slow, update your portfolio

When work is slow, update your portfolio. [This is a little bit like when the world gives you lemons, don't thrown them at the cat...er..make lemonade.]

So, that is what I’ve been working on today, going through my file of redesigns, and posting them to my site.[It helps that I keep a file of before and afters.] And, as I oftendo when doing this, I also checked to see the sites were still there. This might sound odd, but in the web world, there is nothing as constant as change, and it happened once that I was at a potential client, showing them recent site designs, when I came to a site, that I swear was only a few months old, and when I clicked, it had been redesigned. I had to pretend this was the work I had been telling my client about, and not gasp and say, "What the heck happened to my design?"

So, although none of my new sites had changed since the last time, one of my old designs had, one I had done for a friend and co-collaborator. I was a little surprised that she hadn’t mentioned it, but I wrote her back and complimented her on the new design. What else could I have done?

So, my website portfolio is now more up-to-date then it was, which was the whole point.

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