When to turn down connections on LinkedIn

For the most part, if I have worked with someone, even only a few times, I have no problems with being connected to them. Sometimes, even people I haven't actually worked directly with, but know the character of, or friends. These are all fine.

But the other day, I got a LinkedIn request from someone I didn't think I knew at all. I searched my email for the name and discovered I had contacted her because the client didn't want her services as a web contractor, and wanted her to turn the files over to me. That was the only reason I contacted her, to get the passwords, and logins and such, for all the parts of the account. Other than that, I did not work with her.

To top it off, she isn't even in that field anymore. She is now a private investigator. I wrote her back, and asked, just to make sure, if she was the web master for the particular client, and she confirmed she was, and then I told her I didn't feel right about connecting, and turned down her request.

However, what I felt like saying was "Don't send out mass mailings to everyone on your email list, as though the more people you have the better. It makes no sense, and is annoying."

But I didn't.

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