When spam is wasted on me

One day I will have to stop using Eudora. Eudora is my email program and it no longer being updated for the Mac. I am happy enough with it for now, despite the fact that I can’t see html emails. I have other accounts that can, and do, so it isn’t a big loss. In fact is a gain, because I can’t see html emails sent from spamers. In fact, sometimes I will just stare and wonder what their message was supposed to be.

The other day I got a spam where it came over as just a bunch of code, and inserted in the code was the oddest gobbldy gook. I know that some spammers are putting in prhases to make it look like real email but since when does real email use phrases such as "How do you you say email in Spanish."

So, until I upgrade, I guess the only spam I’ll be able to see will be the old fashioned kind, where they stick a big graphic in it, trying to sell me Canadian pills, or Viagra, or both.

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