When Internets go down-Fiber cable cut in San Jose

Not knowing much more than what is in the news, apparently the fiber cables were cut in San Jose, and so all of Santa Cruz, and parts of Santa Clara county have no internet service. A lot of land lines are down, as well as ATM machines.

And so, we sit in our little worlds, with water and power, and can't do our work.

And this is always the problem when one little thing goes down. It is odd. I usually think if I have power, I can do my work, but since so much of my work, these days, is on-line, there isn't much work I can do when I don't have the Internet, even with water and power. Blech.

And so, I worked on a print newsletter, that doesn't have to be posted, and went to an internet cafe that used a cable modem, which wasn't affected, and used my cell phone, which seemed to be able to call out, unlike my land-line, and so, although I am not getting my work done today, I can at least feel as though I am productive.

So, what happens? We talk and visit, and wonder what the world is coming to.

But we can't get our work done. As one friend said, its Y2K, a few years late.

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