When I grow up, I’ll be a cartoonist…

I believe I have stated this here before, but if not, a Sunday is a good place to discuss it. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I hung out with cartoonists, drew cartoons, read about their lives, and all things that you would think would make it so. I even, for a while, drew a strip for a local newsletter.

But, life got in the way, and although I am a graphic artist, I still love the world of cartoonists, which is probably why I hang out a Comic Curmudgeon so much. In fact, I have gotten my daughter into the site, and she loves it as well. We often comment on the site together. So it was rather cool the other day that we were wondering what the rest of the words to a Sally Forth song would be. So, we sat around, trying to figure out what the tune was, first, then finally, figuring that out, then trying to come up with lyrics, which I emaiiled to Josh, because it seemed to not quite be fore him, but for the author of Sally Forth, which I knew he knew.

So, it was rather cool this morning to get a note from the author saying he had posted it on his blog. What a nice way to start a Sunday morning.

It is so much easier to connect with cartoonists these days, and perhaps my daughter will end up being a cartoonist. In fact, she has been drawing a strip about our Morris team called "Shut up and Dance" which I hope to have a link to on this blog sooner, rather than later, as soon as I figure out how to get her drawings into a blog.

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