When do you upgrade systems and software?

When do you upgrade?

This is a questions that I never had a problem with when I worked in an office. I just upgraded when the new software was available, and didn’t look back. Sure, I sometimes had to train others how to use the new stuff, but since it was all output to paper, for the most part, we didn’t have to worry about being compatible with anyone.

Now that I work in my home office, I have to worry about being compatible with everyone. I have to make sure that I am not so out of date that I can’t read any ones files,but I also have to make sure that the newest software is so completely  different that no one can work with it. Fortunately, most programs do allow you to save at least one version back (in fact, so, such as Adobe, let you save back almost to the dawn of time.

The newest program that I have a quandary over is the MS Office update. The box still sits in its celephane wrapper. I was all excited, until I heard from another home-office user that said that her clients, who are on PCs, could not read the new files. Being compatible is the only reason that I buy MS Office products. Otherwise, I would be quite happy to never touch one of their products again, especially Word, which as I have written before, is horribly overbloated.

So, I don’t have an answer to my question. It is probably, as it was with Acrobat, when my clients start using it, and I am forced to upgrade.

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