When do people do their work?

This is more an observation, than anything else, (as most blogs are, after all) of when people in offices get their work done. Although I don’t work in an office with others, I do work with others (who are my clients) who do work in offices.

It used to be this didn’t matter, and with some clients that is still the case. They would send me the work, I would do it, and get it back to them by their deadline. These days, however, with Instant Messaging, people want to talk to you, to get you to turn things around while they watch on the Web. This can be quite tricky if you have two clients asking for this. I have sometimes found myself talking on the phone, working, and instant messaging all at the same time. Starts to hurt my brain.

But back to what I was discussing, the "normal" work day.

Monday morning, everyone is just checking in, getting into the office, having meetings, seeing how everyone is, etc. Very rarely does new work come in. It isn’t usually until late in the day, before I hear from most clients. As a freelancer, it is usually at the last minute, and that is often the end of the day, and they want to talk, and make sure it is done over night.

This is normally not a problem. I enjoy working at night, and don’t get interrupted, but because I am on Instant Messaging, people can see I am up, and will sometimes send me work in what I call my second shift, and so I have two things to do. :)

So, when do people in the office work? 8-5 certainly, but I think they sometimes take their laptops or handhelds home with them, and continue to work late into the night. I have one client who has IM on his handheld, and will send me messages from the road.

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