When budgets get cut, and newsletters get taken away

The budget came out for next quarter and the newsletter I work on was not there. I found this out today as I was getting the latest issue together. Odd to think it will be the last. I have been working on it , in various forms for nearly five years. Perhaps more. I have been working for this client for at least ten years, on this and that. With this gone, I have no more work I will be doing for them. All my other contacts have left.

I have been pondering how I should feel about this. It feels like an ending. But, I feel ok. I just picked up some new clients, that unlike this one, seem to have work for me.

On one hand, I wonder if I should worry, as the economy takes work away from me. All I can do is just keep going, I suppose. At least, it was through no fault of my own.

It felt weird working on the newsletter, this last time, thinking about all the changes; all the people I have worked on, as the company got acquired, then acquired again. Each time, people got laid-off, jobs went away, and still I had this little newsletter.

So, is that the indicator of the state of the economy? Two recessions, and rounds and rounds of lay-offs before the flood waters rose and plucked this one last job that I had from the company?

As I said, should I read anything into it?

I’ll let you know.

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