What the heck are Wikis and why should I care?

Wikis, wikis, wikis. Why should I care about wikis? What are they, some kind of drink? What difference does it make if I don’t know.

Wikis will probably do to the world of the web what PDFs have done to the world of print. Wikis are for writing websites, but it is more than that. It is for group writing of websites, and not just group writing, but easy group writing.

The reason that Wikis have come up is because the JotSpot has created a Wiki that they are selling, and apprently they have made it easier to use than past Wikis. Of course, never having used Wikis before, I had no idea there was an easy way to use them, or a hard way to use them.

The company just launched the product last month, and already have 3,000 sign-ups for their beta product. They had a great quote about why they felt their version of Wiki was so cool:

"We looked at the wiki space and thought it was kind of like the
Internet in 1993, what I would call the land of the nerds, useful, but
for a limited crowd. We think that wikis are useful to a much broader
audience," Kraus said. Also, wikis should not only be about documents,
but also about applications, he said.

They will probably be as well know as, well, blogs are now. So, keep an eye out for Wikis.

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