What makes it into the local police blotter

I love reading the police blotter. People report the strangest things. I have even written short stories based on them, such as one where a man claimed a neighbor had cut down his tree, and the neighbor claimed the tree had fallen down in a winter storm months before.

The best ones are local to the small throw-away paper that comes out once a week in my area, so I was surprised to find a  great one in the San Jose Mercury News. Usually, the best ones are for Atherton, where the crime is way down, and the only thing people complain about is that there is a van that drove by too many times. In fact, one reported for Wednesday was a pool guy finding a cell phone.

But, the best is the one for Campbell, and I quote ” East Hamilton Avenue, 7:50 p.m. Wednesday: A book was removed from a bathroom”.

What could be better than that. That beats even the stranger who poked his head in a door and muttered “damn” and then left.

Makes me wonder about the book, and why they reported it to the police. Was it valuable? Was it an angry roommate? The world may never know.

Guess it is time for another short story.

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