What is Web 3.0?

Everybody claims they are now Web 2.0, so what is Web 3.0?

First, Web 2.0 is the social networking of the web. Things like FaceBook and LinkedIn. Some people think it is the design, or that the whole web is that way, but it isn’t.

So, Web 3.0 is where the web reaches out to phones.  At least that is one theory. I have also heard that Web 3.0 will be when the web will allow users to use natural language to search, and it is called the Semantic web. How can there be two Web 3.0s? Because it hasn’t happened yet. People are trying to make the next big thing, but it isn’t here yet.

Well, I have seen the phone version. Perhaps we will have a better name for these trends once them become reality. In the meantime, we will watch the web grow. Hopefully for the better.

I’m still impressed with web 1.0.

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