What is the best program to draw images for iPhone apps

As I have written before, I am working on developing images that will go into iPhone apps. The problem is, I have yet to figure out the best way to draw them. Others I have spoken to, and searched for information on, all seem to think that Adobe Illustrator is the best method to use, and that is actually the one I have been drawing with. But the problem I have been having is working on the little icon image that shows what the app is. Apparently apple requires two of them, and they have to be exactly alike. One is 512×512 and the other is 57×57. As you can imagine, there is quite a difference between the two, and while I can put a lot of detail into the 512 one, once it goes down to 57 it is too small to see it.

I asked if I could just make two, and have one be more detailed but was told that Apple doesn’t like that. (Apparently Apple is very arbitrary as to why they reject things, but that one is known, and so avoided. We must upset Apple. Don’t want our app rejected.)

There is help out there. People are hungry to find new things to do with their art skills, and programs want their apps to look good, so it is logical to hire graphic designers to help you. But, because it is still the early days, a lot of things are only now appearing on the web. There is the presentation skins to show off an app in programs. To get designers on their mailing list, this one site is offereing a skin and encouraging people to sign up.  Apple too offers help.

What is interesting is that if you just search for making app graphics, you will run into the fact that there are a bunch of programs that have been made for the iPhone for drawing, and those are what will appear in the search. In fact, a recent New Yorker cover was drawn with those sort of tools.

So, which is it, Illustrator or Photoshop. Or, is it as this website says, Fireworks.

I am still trying them all. I’m leaning towards Fireworks, since it is vector, yet can render in png. What to do.

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