What is idp and why is Adobe putting out full page ads about it?

aIt used to be that I would read the comics last in the paper, the way people save dessert for last. These days, I save the business section for last, because there is so much to learn from those pages. And, unlike the life styles section of the paper, I am actually interested in finding what people are doing in the industry. So, today, after I had read Mike Cassidy writing about a coding party that lasted a week and California ID theft, I flipped over the paper to close it and saw a full page ad by Adobe.

(Now this is the problem with only reading newspapers online, you don’t get the same ads. True, the Mercury allows you to read the ads from the paper, but you have to go to a specific page and search for those ads.)

The ad was for Intelligent Document Platform. Not PDF (Portable Document Format), but something else. It wasn’t a terribly interesting ad, as ads go, but since I hadn’t heard of idp, I thought I would look into it. Adobe even gave the address to look at it. However, when I went to the page, I just ran into the same ad again. What it should have done, was send me to the main page. Hmm, I thought to myself, this looks as though it is just a fancy name for Acrobat, and in a way, I was right.

What Adobe is trying to explain to people, as I watched the flash presentation on IDP, is that Acrobat is more than just Reader. They are trying to get people to use Acrobat for more than that, to use it for making forms function online, that look good too. For protecting documents from being altered, to work with XML. And probably the main reason they are taking out full page ads now is that Acrobat 7 just launched, and you can do so much more with it.

Mystery solved.

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  • CeleryArtist. Says:

    Well the thing is that as a graphic designer you are expecting that anything new from Adobe will be for that market segment.
    IDP is anything but. It’s basicly the new middlware that will take application design into a modular approach. 18 months from now IDP skills will be in very high demand.
    But in the end it will still wont mean much to a “40 something graphic artist” :-)
    Bottom line: Adobe it’s not just for desktops anymore. ;-)

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