What I like about Acrobat 8 (CS3)

I just want to say that of all the upgrades for CS3, I have found Acorbat to have the features I actually wanted, of all things. Acrobat, for most people, is just something they used to read PDFs, and they probably don’t think beyond that, but as someone who has had to extract text and graphics form PDFs since they first strated coming out, I can’t contain how happy I am with the newest feature, "export"


Many the time there was, in the past, when I had to extract text and pictures from PDFs because the client, although they had the PDF had no idea what had happened to the source file, or didn’t want to bother their client for it, or  for whatever the reason, could only give me the pdf, and I had to deal with it.

So, in the past, I would use the touch up tool to grab the text, and Photoshop to grab the photos (or Illustrator if it was line art), but it was clumsy and didn’t give me everything all at once.

But with Export to HTML Web Page, I can not only grab the words, and images, but the links as well. The first time I did it, I was so happy. Unfortunately, I let it slip that I could do this, so now the client (the particular client, is giving me nothing but PDFs. Oh well.


The second thing I like about Acrobat 8, I discovered was also in 7, Who knew? Did everyone else know about this feature? It is "Print Comments." This is such a cool feature. I don’t know how many times I have struggled with comments, while trying to make them to the original document. I have had to do this with books, and with web pages, and with just about anything that you can add comments to. Recently, I got a whole bunch of comments, while I was trying to keep both the comment and pdf open, and the source file, I noticed the Print Comment feature. I have not looked back since.Picture_7

I think the major change, at least from what I can see, is how the comments are printed out. I didn’t see this feature in Acrobat 7, and perhaps that is why I never used it. You can have the comments print on the same page, or on the next page, by number or with lines. It is fricking fantastic. The job I am currently doing for a client has become so much easier now that I can print, and check off, the changes.

Oh, I am all for a paperless office, but not in my lifetime. Sometimes, you just need paper to see what needs to be changed.

So, in answer to a question another graphic artist asked me the other day, yes, it is worth it upgrading to CS3, if for nothing else but Acrobat 8.

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