What happens when I chat in front of the computer

An old friend called the other day, while I was working. I couldn’t quite work and carry on a conversation, but I tried to. While I can’t write and talk, I can do design and layout (although I haven’t figured out how to read email and respond to IMs, both of which I tried to do while I chatted.

And while she chatted, she asked me about the office chair I was using. She had liked it, when last she visited, and wanted to know how much it was. I was able to Google it and give her not only the name of the chair, but how much the price range was.

She had wanted the chair because she was doing more computer work, and wanted something more comfortable to sit in. She said she was still doing landscaping, but found that she also had to do more computer work. Her sister, apparently was bringing her kicking and screaming into the 21st century. She said she was resiting it every step of the way. I told her she was a bit of a Luddite. She asked me how it was spelled, so once again I Googled it, and was able to tell her it’s origins, or which was failry clear , but it was nice to be backed up.

Wow, it’s amazing, she said, that you know all this. I told her I was in front of the comptuer, and that was what I did, and it is true. When I chat with people, they will say "Are you in front of a computer?" because they want to show me something. And, because I usually am, it works out well.

The only time I don’t want to be in front of a computer is when I am reading dead tree versions of magazines and newspapers, and I have to drag them into my office to look up the websites they are referring to. Makes me wonder if people have computers by their sides when they read.

Now that would be weird.

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