What do to with an iTouch

So, now you have an iTouch, now what?

Well, I know what I got it for. I got it so I could have a mobile device that wasn't a phone. Which is why it was invented, for those who have a cell phone, but wanted all the other cool features.

But once you've figured out a bit about the iTouch, then one.  I know I've been exploring all I can do with it, such as post to my blog from bed, and check email and read websites, and check the news. Of course, I can do all these things with a regular computer, but it not from my bed, or my yard, or wherever it is that my WiFi, or someone else's, reaches. And my daughter, when faced with not having access to the web, today, was able to connect and update her blog from my iTouch (as well as fool around in YouTube, when she was done with that.)

I know there must be some things I can only do with an iTouch, but so far, I have only found one, "FlyTunes."If you go to FlyTunes directly from your ITouch, you will go into the menu about channels. If you go there from your computer, it will show you a demo about how it works.

I fiddled with it for a while, and it is a pretty cool program, although I noticed that the podcasts from Comedy Central listed people who weren't who was performing, strange.

Now, to find other things to  do  with my iTouch.

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