What do I read when I’m not working?

I have written before about all the books I go to for inspiration, such as “Don’t make me think“, and “Stop stealing Sheep“, but I haven’t written about the sorts of books that interest me in my non-professional life, if there can be such a thing.

A side note on this thought, of a life not connected to work. I once had a designer sub-contract a design for me, and she only charged me for the actual time she worked on the design, not all the time she thought about it, as she wandered about. I find that I too, will think a lot, before I actually commit the design to paper. I was taking a nap, the other day, and thinking about how I would bleed an image off the paper, and how I would set up the printer spreads. It wasn’t much of a nap. :)

Back to the books.

I grabbed the books I am either currently reading, or just finished reading. I don’t see a pattern, perhaps others can. But these are books that either relax me, or make me think.

First book is “Old Home Town” by Rose Wilder Lane. Rose is the daughter of Laura Ingles Wilder, and since I’ve been reading the Laura books to my nine-year-old, I started wondering about the rest of her life, and started reading books that were put together on Laura, and then books written by her daughter. It is an interesting journey, as I read and look up on the web everything I can find about Laura and Rose. Very interesting to read too. While Laura writes about long ago, and does not bring the present in, Rose writes (at least of the books i’ve read so far) of long ago, and brings in the present.

The next book I’m reading I heard about on BBC 2 (which I always have running in the background, via the internet, because I can’t get local reception up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains.). The book is called “The Barnsley Whale“, and is one man’s search for a memory from childhood about seeing a big whale on a truck, that people could walk through.

And the last book I’m reading, I’m reading because I was interviewing the author on KKUP, on Sunday, for my show. Laura Flanders has a new book out, two in one year, called “The W Effect” about Bush’s politics. Interestingly enough, my book, which might be a galley, has a slightly different cover than the one in Amazon, as well as a different subhead. The subhead on my edition says “Bush’s War on Women” while the on in Amazon says “Sexual Politics in the Bush Years and Beyond”. I wonder why it changed?

This is a book that Laura edited, so the collection of different essays are quite interesting and varied. I learned things I didn’t know, such as that Title IX is not just about women and sports. It is about not discoursing women and girls from going into any field, any subject in school.

And that is about it. I’ve been working so hard, I haven’t even had time to blog much this last week. But, my books have been waiting for me, so I’m not worried.

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