What are people searching for?

I posted, this week, about good and bad graphic designers, and found that many people were reading the blog, more than usually do. I was pleased, until I noticed that people were coming upon my blog because of the phrase ‘Graphic Design", not because they loved me.  The most popular blog search engine was the one Google , but there are many others out there. Graphic Design seems to be an odd thing to search for in a blog search, but then I don’t search blogs. Perhaps I am odd that way. I tend to do news searches or just general searches for topics.

What is the point of searching in blogs for topics? I suppose to see what the blog universe is chatting about. And I suupose if I wanted more people to read what I wrote, I could write about what everyone else was writing about, but that seems a little pointless, as they have already written about it.

I prefer to write about things that I find I’m interested in, and hope that someone else will be interested in. In fact, if I find I am getting a lot of people coming to my blog because of a common phrase they are searching for, I try to not use that phrase again, if only to make sure I am getting real traffic, instead of spammers trying to promote whatever it is they are promoting.

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