Website Bookmarks are so passe

Bookmarks are so pass̀©. The thing to do these days is RSS feeds, so you don’t even have to check  all your favorite sites to see if they have been updated, you can get them delivered to you.  Well, technally, FireFox, at least, calls it’s type of RSS feed "Live bookmarks" so I suppose you aren’t doing away with them completely.

What if you don’t know what to put in your RSS feed? Ah, then you could go to Bitty. They list the top 100 most popular feed sites, so you can poke around and surely find something to subscribe to. (and could you ever find time to work if you signed up for all of them. Or you could just stay on Bitty and see the little version of the sites.

There are so many sites out there offering feeds, that you have to search through to see if the one you want is one your site. Boing-Boing, for example, lists 11 ways to subscribe to their site in some form or another.

If you have been using just RSS or My Yahoo, then you should look at some of the others that are offered there. Looking down the bottom of the list I saw Page Flakes, which sets up all sorts of things on one page. The standard, i presume standard, page that comes in, also includes podcasts, ones that I haven’t even heard, of but very informative. You can customize this page with their offerings. Or you can sign up for someone else’s set up.

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