Webistes and Blogs that I love Part I

Some people get to know about websites by word of mouth. Some, are told by friends.  Me, I have found the most interesting site because of screen shots.

Let me explain that I often get screen shots of web pages from clients because they find it the simplest way to show me changes they want me to make. That was how I first found Boing Boing, a graphic designer colleague sent me a screen shot, and I saw the name of that site, and had to find out more. I have been hocked ever since.

The way I found another site that I visit every day went another route, though. I always read Dykes to Watch Out For when it ran in Planet Out. But then, it stopped updating, and I had to search the web to find out that it was now being updated on Alison Bechdel‘s site instead. Front htat point on, I stopped going to Planet Out, and started reading everything Alison had to say, as well as her army of commentors. One day, she mentioned the Comic Curmudgeon had written about her, so I went to check out that site. Oh my gosh, I had never laughed so much in my life. The site was only three years old, but I ready the whole thing back to the beginning. Then, when I ran out of old posts, I started reading what others commented. While Josh is very funny, his commentators are also just as funny, and if he doesn’t post for a day, they will continue to post, making comments about other’s comments, until they have gone off and invented a while new blog for him. This is a site that I could read for hours, and often do, when I am supposed to be working.

And through Josh’s site, I added "Judge a Book By It’s Cover" to my list of blogs to visit during my work day. She is one of the people who comments on Josh’s site, and has a very funny site of her own.

As always, it is a chain that keeps on growing. I wonder how I ever get any work done at all.

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